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Welcome to the very first post of The Librarians Shelf Blog.

For those who haven’t heard of me before, I’m a librarian in the NW of Ireland and have been basically been posting everything I’ve been reading on Instagram for just over a year.

One of my work colleagues was chatting about books I had posted and had mentioned I should write a blog, doing book reviews and just basically writing about what I’m reading, writing and my book life in general.  So here we are. I hope I don’t bore you. I also hope that you comment on what I’m writing.  Feel free to chat with me and I will try and answer what I can.

Also if you have a favourite book feel free to recommend.  I love hearing what other people think of books and love getting recommendations from different people, some of my favourite books have come from recommendations.

So here we go, welcome to The Librarians Shelf.


3 thoughts on “Hey, hi there!

  1. Congratulations for your new blog and welcome to WordPress. It’s a good idea that you decided to start a blog. All the best. As for book recommendations, I recommend the Goosebumps/ Fear Street series by R. L. Stine. It’s really cool if you like horror 😊

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